1. Drifting

From the recording Down On Jones Street

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I had to leave the city of angels
Though I believed in its comforts and dangers
I couldn't fathom the day to day
I couldn't wander from the hills to the bay

I came to be in the city of gotham
I'd tell you all my memories but I forgot them
On a subway to an avenue
Searching for a piece of mine to hold on to

But I keep drifting...

They say the west coast and the east coast are so distinct
Say one is fake and one is real, well which is it?
They say that people really are genuine
They'd prove it to you if they only had the time

I had a dream, and there I saw your face briefly
Your very shape seemed the piece to complete me
But I arose in a garret on a hill
Now I'm wondering am I dreaming still?

I keep drifting...

Take me now, for I'll be on my way
Take me now, for here I will not stay
Take me now, for I'll be on my way
'Cause I am drifting

I keep drifting...